Pastor's Notes by Bro. Jay Hatfield

Dear Friends,

     Willisburg Baptist Church has just celebrated 110 years in ministry. We had a wonderful service and fellowship with Bro. Doug Davis and his wife Sharon who pastored the church 1982 - 1986. Thank you to all who came and celebrated with us August 12th.  Truly it was a day of blessings.

     As we are now beginning a new church year lets all do our part to build up the Kingdom of God. I just recently read a statistic by Thom Rainer president of LifeWay Christian Bookstores. He said, “Nine out of ten Christian people will die and never share their faith with anyone.” That is so sad to think. No wonder our world is in the shape that it is in. If you believe in Jesus Christ how can you be still and not share that with others? There are some things that we need to be still about but Jesus is not one of them. Let people see Jesus in you!

     We are getting ready to recognize our children and youth in Mission Friends, Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, and Acteens. God has blessed us with a great bunch of kids. They are growing up quick and now many of them are advancing in their age groups and we want to honor them. Join us Sunday September 9th 11:00 AM as we worship the Lord and honor these in serving the Lord through missions.

     Saturday September 15th we will be holding our SHARE YOUR LOVE DAY at Willisburg Baptist Church. Come and join us as we minister to our community by having a FREE YARD SALE, FREE HOTDOGS for lunch, FREE POPCORN for anyone who would like some, and a FREE BOUNCE HOUSE for the children to have fun while parents shop. Come and help. Come and spend some time in fellowship. Come and let God use you.

     I am so excited about a decision that we made last month in business meeting. We voted and approved for the start of an AA Program to begin in our church. Of course AA is a program for those who are working on overcoming an addiction. I believe this has been a great decision. As of this time there have been two meetings. The first meeting 34 people attended including 6 children that was a part of a family. The second meeting there were 40 people who attended. There is great excitement amongst this group that such a thing is happening in our community. Thank you for allowing God to use this church to make a difference.

     I shared earlier in this note that we need to let people see Jesus in us. There is an old song that we sing every now and then that says, “Let Others See Jesus in You”. As we grow in our walk with the Lord we tend to forget the simple message that Jesus so often told the people during His ministry here on earth. He used the little child as an example of the kind of faith we need in order to enter the kingdom of heaven. The song says, “Let others see Jesus in you. Let others see Jesus in you. Keep telling the story be faithful and true. Let others see Jesus in you.” This is the defining point for you as a Christian when you let others see Jesus in you. When you tell the world about this gospel message, and your remain faithful and true to Him.

     We must never forget the message of our mission to let others see Jesus in us. This must be our lifestyle until the day He calls us home.

Sincerely in Christ

Bro. Jay Hatfield