Pastor's Notes by Bro. Jay Hatfield

Dear Friends,


     For the last several weeks we have been preparing for revival through Revelation 2-3 which is Jesus’ letters to the seven churches. Just like those churches Willisburg Baptist Church needs a word from Jesus. There are things that we are doing right, but there is much more that we could be doing better.  I think the real question that we must all ask ourselves is, “Have we left our first love?” Just exactly how committed are you to Jesus Christ? Does He get first place in your life and family? What are you doing to grow in your relationship with Christ? What are you doing to tell others about Jesus?

     There is no doubt in my mind that we all need revival. I pray that you will make it a priority to get yourself in church along with your family and rededicate your life and lives to the Lord. We see all that is happening today in our lives and we wonder what has happened. There is so much anger in the world. Maybe I am wrong, but to me it truly does seem like things have gotten worse. Jesus came that we might have a life that was abundant in Him. He came that we could have a relationship with God the Father. He came that we could have salvation. Don’t you and don’t other people want that anymore?  I do and I pray you do too.

     Sunday March 3rd I need your help. I need people who are willing to come to the church at 4:30 PM and join with me in prayer. We will be praying for the evangelist that are coming to our revival services and we will be praying the leading of the Holy Spirit during those services. I also need your help in going out into our community to knock on doors and pass out fliers for the revival to invite them to worship with us. We will have a targeted group as well in which we will visit those who have been out of church for a while. Please come and help. Make it a priority.

     Revival will start on Sunday March 10th. Invite your family and friends to come and worship with you. Make plans to stay after service each week and fellowship with the evangelist and his family along with your own church family. We will have soup, sandwiches, chips, dessert, and whatever you wish to bring and share. Again, please make it a point to stay. Make it a priority!

     We will not be having early services all during this time in March. We will combine both early and morning services together. Early worship will resume in April.

     I am so looking forward to what God has in store for us during this month. Please put and make God first priority in your life. Give Him the opportunity to use your talents and skills. Give Him the praise that He deserves. Open up your mouths and worship Him! To God be the glory!


Sincerely in Christ

Bro. Jay Hatfield