Pastor's Notes by Bro. Jay Hatfield

Dear Friends,    

I want to be begin this month by wishing each of our mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!

I heard something on the radio that stated most moms puts in at least 96 hours worth of work each week. That is a powerful amount of love for the family. Solomon’s account of a capable wife, mother, and woman is so true as he wrote in Proverbs 31:10-31.

I remember the precious years of having my mom with me. Her name was Elsie Marion Hatfield. She worked in the field right along by my Dad’s side. She raked hay and drove the tractor pulling a wagon while we loaded hay or tobacco. Mom worked in the garden planting and picking our vegetables. She spent many hot summers without air conditioning in the house cooking and canning those vegetables for us her family. Mom took care of us sewing our clothes, cleaning up after us, and ministering to us when we were sick. She always had us ready to go to church on Sundays. You know what? Mom could do just about anything.

One of the things my Mom loved was yellow roses. My Dad would buy her yellow roses for her birthday, anniversary, and even on Mother’s Day. Mom is now in heaven with Dad. I miss her but will never forget all the things that she did. I praise God for my godly mom.

I believe it is because of my mother that I found a very unique person to spend my life with. Because of my mother’s attributes I saw what a godly woman was like in growing up and that instilled in me the type of woman I wanted to have as a wife. I believe my wife Cheryl has those same types of attributes. She too has shown me and my children great love and compassion for life. I thank God for Cheryl my wife, partner in life and ministry , and the mother of my children. I have been blessed by these two special women.

What do you have to say about your mom and special person in your life? God knew what He was doing when He created the woman. She definitely is man’s helpmate. May God truly bless each and everyone of you ladies this coming Mother’s Day. We appreciate you and love you for all you do in your homes, with your families, and with your church family.




Sincerely in Christ

Bro. Jay Hatfield