Pastor's Notes by Bro. Jay Hatfield

Dear Friends,

     In 1979 I met a woman that has been a part of my life ever since. I  don’t say enough about her, but I want you to know that God has blessed my life because of her. Cheryl is my wife, best friend, partner in ministry, and the mother of my two children. I thank God for her and count it a blessing to have her as my help mate.

     Mother’s Day is almost here and I want to share with you a little about Cheryl. We met in my back yard and started to date. After knowing each other for only a couple of weeks we knew that we wanted to be married. We got engaged and set our date for a year later to be married on June 14, 1980. On November 3, 1982 Kyle was born. Cheryl was and is a great Mom that took care of his every need.

     Motherhood is amazing! Instantly those motherly instincts kick in when a child is born. That child is looked after and cared for. Those motherly ears can hear a whimper from across the room or at the other end of the house. That motherly nose can detect that a child needs changing right now. When that child is sick that mother will stay up all night long caring for the child’s needs. She will rock, sing, massage, and care for that child giving comfort.

     On January 6, 1988 Christa was born. God had given me a beautiful wife and from her He gave me two beautiful children. Cheryl looked after and cared for Christa in the same way that she did Kyle. She showed no partiality between them. She loved them and still loves them the same.

     I have watched Cheryl set down in the floor and play games with our children. I watched her wash and fold their clothes. I have seen her clean them up after being outside and playing. She has fixed their favorite foods and has planned many a birthday party inviting their friends to come and celebrate. She has helped them with homework from school and supported them in anything they wanted to do when it came to academics and education.

     Cheryl has been and continues to be a good Mom. I thank God for her and I thank God for all mothers. Don’t forget to wish your Mom a Happy Mother’s Day On May 13th.


Sincerely in Christ

Bro. Jay Hatfield