Pastor's Notes by Bro. Jay Hatfield

     Psalm 145:1 says, “I exalt You, my God the King, and praise Your name forever and ever. I will praise You every day; I will honor Your name forever and ever.”

     God is worthy of our praise. Everything that comes forth from our lips and our lives should truly be in honor of Him. I have much to praise God for this month.

     I truly want to praise the Lord for our Vacation Bible School. We had around 25 young people to attend. It may not have been one of the biggest in attendance but I tell you the truth it was one of the most blessed. These young people were great. I think they learned a lot, and I think some gospel seeds were planted. Out of this VBS we picked up some prospects to visit and with time may bring a couple new families into the church. God is good!

     We had three young people to attend Mission Adventure Camp for Kentucky Kids in Hopkinsville. This was a great experience for them learning to share their faith with others. They were taught how to witness at a block party. They did all kinds of mission projects. Our young people ministered by doing landscaping and also serving in a food kitchen at the Salvation Army. We witnessed to people who were homeless and prayed with them. Our young people got to see ministry in action. You know what? God is good!

     Cheryl, my grandson Jacob, and I participated in Embracing Louisville. This ministry was like our Family Fest that we had in our County two years ago. We served at a clothes closet at Bethlehem Baptist Church just off of Preston Street in Louisville. We also served at the Franciscan Assisted Living just off of Fern Valley Road in Louisville. God used us to lead in worship, fellowship, crafts, games, baking, and talking with people who just needed some friends. God is so good!

     Carl Stumph and I have just returned from RA Camp (Camp Courage). The boys we took were his grandchildren but I want you to know God truly blessed them by getting to do things they had never done before. They walked a rope bridge, tried to build a fire (wet wood), used a cross cut saw, tied special knots with rope, and raced pine wood derby cars against competition. The boys took 1st, 2nd, and 4th place in their division for RA Racers. They are ready to go back. Yes, God is good!